How does the event work?

Do we need to book a hotel room over night?

Yes. All dancers participating in the event will be required to have a room reservation (included in ticket prices) as the concept of this event is based on the safety individual hotel room balconies provide. All room reservations must be booked through our ticketing page.

Room prices vary depending on type of room, please refer to our ticket page for pricing details. One room and one solo entry is included per ticket. Additional entries are $50.00 for a sibling or second solo. A maximum of two dancers per room. Dancers sharing a room must be from the same household. 

Hotel rooms are reserved for event participants and their households. Observer rooms are not available. 

Will room service be offered? 

Yes, room service will be offered. Delta by Marriott Calgary South will be curating a menu to ensure guests can enjoy food and beverages from the comfort of their hotel room. Enjoy your staycation!

Can I book a hotel room next to my friend?

What if my dancer has two solos, can we pay an additional entry fee?

What does my ticket price include?

What safety protocols do you have in place?

Please see our COVID-19 protocols page for all the details regarding our safety policies. Slowing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping all guests safe is our number one priority. 

We have booked our ticket. Now what?

How will adjudication work?

What is the cancellation policy?

Why did you create this event?

This pandemic has taken a lot from everyone and we thought this would be an opportunity to bring joy back to the Alberta dance community. It can also be used as a mini staycation for the whole family. Book a room, watch your dancer(s) do what they love, relax with the family... all from the safety and comfort of your own hotel room/balcony. 

No theatre observer fees as families can watch from their individual balconies, and no theatre parking fees.

Is this event AHS approved and in compliance with municipal, provincial and federal COVID-19 policies? 

YES! B DOT DANCE is running with the approval of AHS and following all guidelines laid out by the municipal, provincial and federal government. Safety is our top priority for this event - please see the COVID-19 page for all safety protocols.

There will be four age divisions (ages 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, and 16-18). Each division could have up to 50 soloists. Each soloist is permitted a maximum of two solos. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three scoring routines in each age division as well as additional awards at the adjudicators discretion. Individual dancers are only permitted to score within the top three once (i.e. if two of their solos score within the top three, only one will receive an award.). No duet, trio or group performances will be permitted.

One adjudicator will be present. 

Scoring will be as follows:

Silver 75.00-80.00 

High Silver 80.00-85.00

Gold 85.00-90.00

High Gold 90.00-95.00

Diamond 95.00-100.00

Each dancer will receive a LIVE adjudication from the safety of their balcony. Dancers will also receive a written critique from the adjudicator as well as a medal delivered contactless to their hotel room door. 

Dancers will perform one at a time on stage while their family can observe from the comfort of their hotel room balcony. A maximum of two dancers will be waiting in the queue to eliminate any congestion in the atrium. Social distancing will be observed at all times. Dancers will be notified via text message when they are to report to the queue. 

The stage will have designated entry and exit points to eliminate crossover between dancers.

No. For the safety of ALL guests, hotel rooms will be chosen at random. Guests travelling between hotel rooms is strictly prohibited. Any violators will be immediately evicted from the competition and hotel. The safety of all guests is our top priority for this event. 

Two solos per hotel room is permitted. One entry is included in the ticket price. Additional entries are $50.00 per solo.

A maximum of two solos per room (i.e. two solos for one dancer, or one solo per dancer if siblings fall within the same age division and are in the same hotel room). 

Ticket price includes one room for the evening (maximum of four guests per room, from the same household or with the live alone clause in effect) and ONE solo entry. Additional entry rules outlined above.

Thank you for registering! We can't wait to see your dancer(s) perform. You will be contacted closer to the event date with a schedule/itinerary and all necessary information. Check-in times at the hotel will be staggered to eliminate lobby congestion. You will receive your allocated check-in time via email. 

A dropbox link will be sent to you to submit your music. Music must be submitted two weeks before the event. 

Music will be played by event staff.

After all dancers have performed they will be invited to stand on their balcony and receive feedback from the adjudicator. Prizes and awards will also be announced at this time. Medals, critiques and awards will be delivered outside each dancer's hotel room door (contactless). 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and mandatory isolations and quarantines, cancellations and refunds will be evaluated on a case by case basis. We do not want anyone attending if they are showing ANY signs or symptoms of COVID-19 (please see protocol page).